As a professional athlete, your popularity across social media is directly tied to both the quantity and quality of your endorsement deals from brands. Effective usage of social media is key. Not only does it boost your popularity amongst followers and fans, it increases your value to sponsors and event organizers, as well. Sponsors are beginning to realize that athletes who know how to manage their social media profiles are a valuable asset.


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These days every professional athlete is expected to have a huge audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sounds easy, right? Well if you are like most of our clients, then you have realized this is far more challenging than it seems. Maybe you were not the #1 Draft Pick or you didn’t help lead your college team to the final four. That’s ok, we totally get it! If this sounds like your situation, then exposure and engagement become key, and this is what Chasepedia does best! 

With all other things equal, a huge Social Media following, especially on Facebook and Instagram, can give you an edge over other candidates being considered by brands.  

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is expensive for brands and businesses. Until this month, our clients were required to pay a minimum of $200k a month just to advertise on the Instagram platform. Your high engagement across social media platforms like Instagram is just what they are looking for, and a huge following on all platforms creates a perfect storm for your personal brand.

You might be asking yourself how we do this?

Well, it is really pretty simple. Using the latest technology on the market and an in-house design team, we quarterback growth campaigns on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We utilize both sponsored ads and influencers to get your name out there in front of potential followers relevant to your brand. 


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Additionally, we keep your audience engaged by helping you stay consistent with your posting. This means you can keep your focus on the upcoming game and not worry about what you should be tweeting or posting on your Instagram account. We can even provide updates during the game just like your organization does to maximize engagement during peak times. The sky is the limit and we are ready to customize a program just for you.