It's no secret that in today's society social media runs the world. Almost all of us have a social media account of some sort, whether it's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even Pinterest. These different platforms have made it possible for us to keep up with old classmates, network with businesses, keep up with the news, and even sell things online. Therefore it’s not necessarily a bad thing that social media runs the world, right? It just allows easier access to the things we need and want to see.

Now when it comes to professional athletes, they have to use social media in a more strategic way, or they should do so anyway. Most professional athletes are content when they get blue badge verified on Instagram and Facebook, some are happy with just getting over ten thousand followers, and others simply don't care about either of the two. Truth of the matter is most of them are truly lost about the level of success social media alone can present to them.

For instance, professional athletes are already the most influential role models in our society today. Regardless of what talents or interest kids have, they all play or watch some type of sport and if the kids are involved then so are the parents. Therefore your social media account should be appropriate and appealing to kids as well as their parents. You are your brand and how you represent it determines your perception to the public. For example, Cam Newton is seen scoring touchdowns like everyone else who has played football, but what people who do not know a thing about football notice is when Cam finds a kid in the stands and hands them the football. That image sticks in people's heads and spreads throughout social media all around the globe.


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Now I'm not saying you have to be Cam Newton, but you have to set yourself apart and establish your brand, and the best way to do that is through social media. When it comes to professional athletes, most of their money is made outside of their perspective sport through endorsement deals from brands. Therefore when a new big time product comes into town and that company needs ambassadors for that product, who are they going to choose? What separates you from the next guy who plays the same position as you in the same city as you with identical statistics? They are going to go with which ever one of you has a bigger social media influence, a larger audience, and the one who would have more of an impact on sales of their new product. Which means if you have five thousand followers on Instagram and the other guy has 500 thousand followers, then he will be getting the big endorsement deal. Why would they pick you? If you post their product on your page then only five thousand people will see it, but if he posts their product then 500 thousand highly engaged prospective buyers see it. It’s common sense that not even you would choose you in that particular case.

The moral of the story is, social media is here to stay and if you are a professional athlete then you better strategically learn how to use it or hire someone that does. You won't be famous nor influential forever, therefore you better milk that cow while you can. Build your image, gain as many followers, fans, and relationships as you can through the various social media platforms and watch the doors of opportunity open up for you.

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LaDarius Owens played defensive end for the Auburn Tigers from 2010-2014, where he helped lead them to two SEC Championships and two National Championship appearances, winning the 2011 BCS National Championship against the Oregon Ducks. After earning his Master’s Degree in Education from Auburn, he briefly played for both the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and Ottawa RedBlacks in the CFL. He’s currently the Director of NFL Relations for Chasepedia, a digital marketing firm which specializes in providing social media solutions for Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Brands, and a contributing writer to

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