One of the largest areas for your business to grow is through Instagram. With 400-million monthly users, Instagram is literally an untapped marketplace.

For almost two years, Chasepedia has been the leader in Instagram marketing strategies for brands, professional athletes, and public figures. As a strategic advertising partner, we were granted special access to some of the very first advertising campaigns on the platform. Starting a few days ago, we became the very first marketing firm in the United States able to offer Instagram Ads in all 50 states.

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This is an extremely limited opportunity to advertise on the #1 Social Media Platform. Advertising will be limited to 3 advertisers per state through the end of December. 

Although everyone is not a prime candidate for Instagram marketing, we would love to discuss the opportunity with you in more detail. From managing your Instagram to growing your number of engaged followers, we've got you covered with everything Instagram!

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