One of the largest areas for your brand to grow is through non-traditional avenues like Instagram. With nearly 400-million monthly users, Instagram is literally an untapped marketplace.

Several businesses like HTC, Ben & Jerry’s, Burberry, and Lexus are beginning to take advantage of sponsored ads through Instagram, but for the masses, you are forced to find other means of advertising. As of right now, the minimum monthly spend through the traditional Instagram advertising platform is $200k per month, or if you are spending between $200k to $300k per month on Facebook, then you can have Instagram ads added to your account. In October and November additional opportunities to advertise will be enabled (for those businesses with a smaller advertising budget). At Chasepedia, we offer both traditional and non-traditional advertising solutions on Instagram.  

The key to marketing your brand on Instagram is having a substantial number of followers. Ideally you will need to gain at a very minimum 100,000 followers. For long term success, we recommend having closer to 500,000 or 1-million.  Depending on your budget, this could be accomplished in as little as a few months with the right campaign in place.

Gain more Instagram followers

Let us assume for a moment that your business is currently spending $400k annually advertising through Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing. An extremely aggressive growth campaign on Instagram might cost in the neighborhood of $15,000 per month. During this campaign, your brand could gain approximately 500,000 followers over a 6-month period. However, after achieving that number of followers, in this example a half a million in 6 months, then they are yours FOREVER. That's half a million "impressions" for your business every week, forever and ever, through people that are not only interested in your brand, but they are living and interacting with your brand every single day. 

“It’s like rewinding the clock to 2008 and being able to save all that money I spent through Google in 2009-2014...”

Let's face it, advertising on Facebook (who now owns Instagram) is expensive. On average, a new Facebook Page Engagement cost your business about a dollar. Using non-traditional advertising methods, our clients are able to gain new followers on Instagram between $0.07 and $0.55, a substantial savings over Facebook. 

Facebook v Instagram (Chasepedia).jpg

Starting in November 2015, your competitors will be forced to advertise on Instagram just like they do on Facebook. By making the investment now on Instagram, you will be able to create a competitive advantage for your business in the marketplace.

 The fact of the matter is, accounts with HUGE followings spend money designing new content and paying influencers to promote their pages, not on paying for clicks. This is because they have already created a permanent group of people interested in their brand to advertise to for FREE, whenever they want... 

 So how are you going to grow my account on Instagram? 


The biggest problem with growing your Instagram page is getting users exposed to your profile. Unless your name happens to be Dan Bilzerian, Katy Perry, or Odell Beckham Jr., users never even know to search for your business.  

Chasepedia has developed a proven process which enables us to maximize growth and engagement on your page. We work with Professional Athletes, Models, and Brands growing their Instagram profiles and can utilize this same process for your brand's profile. Think of Chasepedia as your Instagram Quarterback throwing touchdown passes, while you are the coach calling the plays on the field... 

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