One of the largest areas for your business to grow is through Instagram. With 400-million monthly users, Instagram is literally an untapped marketplace.

For over two years, Chasepedia has been the leader in non-traditional growth and marketing strategies on Instagram for brands, professional athletes, and individuals. Starting in July of 2015, we began testing the new Instagram advertising platform before it was released to the public. In fact, we were one of the first 10 Marketing Firms to offer advertising on Instagram in the United States.

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The key to marketing your brand on Instagram is partnering with a company that understands the platform better than anyone else. Our founder Chase Carlisle bet the farm on Instagram and is now regarded as one of the leading experts on the subject. Northwestern University called him a leading resource for monetizing your Instagram while Quora awarded him the most viewed writer in social media (2015) and Instagram (2016). 


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More than 1000 brands and business executives request to sit down and discuss how to market their brands on Instagram every single month. Although everyone is not a prime candidate for social media marketing, we would love to discuss the opportunity with you in more detail. From managing your Instagram to growing your number of engaged followers, we've got you covered!

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