In the crowded digital business world, your company needs an aggressive strategy to attract new business. A digital marketing plan so perfect that it seamlessly pulls prospects away from your competition. One of the most effective strategies is incorporating PPC advertising into your marketing plan. 


What is PPC advertising:

  • PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click
  • It's how Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and Twitter bill for advertising on their platforms.
  • In a nutshell, it means your business only pays for "clicks" on your ads vs having to pay for every ad shown to prospective customers.
  • When done correctly, PPC advertising can be a highly effective form of digital marketing for your company.


How effective is PPC Advertising:

  • Think about the billboard you drive by every day on the way to work. The guy selling those billboards will tell you, "750,000 people drive by that billboard ever single day." 
  • Then think about the radio commercial you heard on the way home. The sales girl selling those radio commercials will tell you, "more than 750,000 people tune into our radio station every single day." 
  • Then there is Google's sales pitch. It goes something like this, "today 6 people in your market will search for your services, and we can deliver all 6 of them to you on a silver platter..." 


PPC is one of the only forms of advertising that delivers buyers to your business with money in hand...

Think about the last time you searched for a particular business from your mobile phone (like a plumber, mover, or an electrician).  How many pages of Google did you actually search? Did you call the top one or two listings? More times than not, people click these ads because Google makes it so easy for their users to do so... 

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Chasepedia takes all the guess work out of your digital advertising campaign.

From researching the necessary keywords relevant to your business, to creating online ads targeting those search terms. We manage every aspect of your PPC campaigns. This ensures you are getting the most bang for your buck and reaching your goals in your digital advertising program!

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