Competitive Intelligence


The delivery of timely, in-depth competitive and global insight while helping decision-makers illuminate the uncertainties of tomorrow’s market.


Not spying. Competitive intelligence is the legitimate strategic and tactical research and analysis designed to identify threats and opportunities.



Not a crystal ball. Competitive intelligence is a process to alert management and give corporations good approximations of reality, near- and long-term.



Not a simple Google search. Competitive intelligence is a means to identify competitive gaps and determine strategy.



Not one-size-fits-all. Competitive intelligence comes in many flavors and formats – some very formal and structured, others informal.



Not useful if no one is listening. Competitive intelligence is a way for companies to improve their bottom line, if management is willing to act on the insights they receive.



Not a job for one, smart person. Competitive intelligence is a process and a way of life for everyone in the corporation.



Not a fad. Competitive intelligence has deep roots in business history – in fact, it’s been around as long as business itself.



Not driven by software or technology. Competitive intelligence is directed by management and based on critical analysis, a process of people reviewing and making sense of the information.



Not based on internal assumptions about the market.Competitive intelligence is a way for a company to see outside itself into the broader market and competitive landscape.



Not a spreadsheet. Competitive intelligence can be the result of qualitative as well as quantitative analysis.