Marketing on Social Media: The CEO Checklist


According to a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, 52% of online adults now use not just one, but at least two social media sites. This stands in stark contrast to America’s Chief Executive Officers. Last year, CEO reported that 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs have absolutely no social media presence on any of the major networks. They’re not on Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

 Unsurprisingly, of those CEOs that are only using a single social network, 74% of them choose LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter are neck and neck, at about 8%. Instagram has a 2.6% market share among CEOs, while Google+ is at 1.6%.

A social network presence should be a fundamental element of your business strategy because it permits you to:

Communicate Your Vision

 Social media allows you to communicate your vision and leadership to customers, employees, and shareholders. The level of trust that consumers feel toward a company is directly impacted by the CEO’s involvement in social media. The more you participate in the communication platforms they use, the more stakeholders feel that your company really cares about their concerns.

Failure to support the social media effort does your entire organization a great disservice. If you don’t create your own social profile, rest assured that the world (or internet bots) will do it for you. The information others create about you will fill out the top pages of a Google search for your name - accurate or not - and there is nothing you can do about it. The smart approach is to define your own brand and message with the right social media presence.

Connect With Your Customers

The vast majority of CEOs that do use social media use it only to broadcast their message, not to connect with the customer. Their messages often come off as distant rather than engaged, cold instead of caring, defeating the whole purpose of being on social media in the first place.

Social media can be used not just to talk, but to listen. Thanks to hashtags, you can search Instagram for terms relevant to your business. Find out what users are saying about you and your organization, in real-time and unfiltered.

Craft Your Personal Brand

Social media is a great way for the CEO to establish his or her personal brand. According to a study by Weber Shandwick, about two thirds of consumers say that their opinion of a company is directly impacted by their opinion of its CEO. Engaging people on social media will build your personal brand and, consequently, your company brand at the same time.

One of the largest areas for your brand to grow is through non-traditional avenues like Instagram. In December of 2014, Instagram announced 300 million active users, a 50 percent increase in just nine months. Given this rapid growth, the service is becoming a social phenomenon too powerful for marketers to ignore.

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About the Author

Chase Carlisle is the founder of Chasepedia, a firm specializing in digital advertising and social media marketing services for brands, professional athletes, and celebrities. He is best described as a high-energy and results oriented consultant who has established relationships built on a foundation of trust throughout the business community. Chase has traveled all over the world consulting for various high-profile clients and helping them produce record breaking sales. Most recently he has been making waves with his aggressive growth and marketing strategies through Instagram, the world’s fastest growing social media platform. Whether working with a start-up, a group of investors, the largest for profit health system or a high profile fortune 500 company, Chase’s greatest asset continues to be his ability to become a trust business partner that consistently delivers results for his clients in an extremely competitive environment.