Instagram Growth for Professional Athletes

Instagram for Professional Athletes

Instagram, the online mobile image and video sharing service, seems destined to become the world’s most powerful selling tool. In December of 2014, Instagram announced 300 million active users, a 50 percent increase in just nine months. For the first time, over half of all young adults - between 18 and 29 years of age - are on Instagram. Given this rapid growth, the service is becoming a social phenomenon too powerful for marketers to ignore.

If you’re not building a solid reputation on Instagram, you’re missing out on those audiences most likely to engage with your brand. Engagement rate is simply the percentage of people who have liked or commented on a post, image, or video. Forrester Research recently studied more than 3 million user interactions with over 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks in 2014. The firm discovered that Instagram trounced all other networks when it comes to engagement. The service delivered these brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

Social media has revolutionized the interaction between athletes and fans. It allows the public to get a closer look at the lives of players and creates instantaneous interactions. Social media users crave visual content, and Instagram makes it possible to weave a captivating story through images. In the world of professional sports, fans value feeling connected to their favorite athletes, which Instagram facilitates through powerful pictures and videos. Images featuring workouts and appearances allow athletes to connect with fans on both a professional and a personal level.

As a professional athlete, your popularity across social media is directly tied to both the quantity and quality of your endorsement deals from brands. The effective usage of social media is key to the proper positioning of your brand. Not only does it boost your popularity amongst followers and fans, it increases your value to sponsors and event organizers, as well. Sponsors are beginning to realize that athletes who know how to manage their social media profiles are a valuable asset.

Every athlete has a huge Facebook following, but a sizable audience on Instagram is far more challenging to achieve. A huge Instagram following can give you an edge over other candidates being considered. While sharing high quality content is important, it isn’t sufficient to gain popularity on Instagram. Exposure and engagement are key, which is what Chasepedia does best.

Chasepedia is the worldwide leader in Instagram advertising and marketing solutions, and can help you gain more Instagram followers. To reach the ideal audiences you must connect with and utilize influencers. The typical influencer has hundreds of thousands of followers. We quarterback growth campaigns with people who are already Insta-Famous and have them mention you on their page. Additionally, if you are a well-known athlete, we can get you on other athlete pages for free.    

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Chase Carlisle is the founder of Chasepedia, a firm specializing in digital advertising and social media marketing services for brands, professional athletes, and celebrities. He is best described as a high-energy and results oriented consultant who has established relationships built on a foundation of trust throughout the business community. Chase has traveled all over the world consulting for various high-profile clients and helping them produce record breaking sales. Most recently he has been making waves with his aggressive growth and marketing strategies through Instagram, the world’s fastest growing social media platform. Whether working with a start-up, a group of investors, the largest for profit health system or a high profile fortune 500 company, Chase’s greatest asset continues to be his ability to become a trust business partner that consistently delivers results for his clients in an extremely competitive environment.