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"The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." - William James

Very early in my career, I was fortunate enough to spend a Saturday with a successful entrepreneur and sales professional named Mike Turberville.  Mike had worked with my dad years ago and was helping me find a house in my new city of Jackson, Mississippi.  I was fresh out of college and full of both ambition and hope for success in my new sales role but was still very green behind the ears.

As we were driving around a neighborhood that Mike had helped develop just north of town, he told me a story that forever changed the course of my life.  “I know of three things that if you were to do them every single day for the 365 days, then it would guarantee that you would be the most successful guy on your team. If I share these three things with you, then would you give me your commitment to do them every single day?” I thought about it for a minute as the question had caught me off guard. “Absolutely,” I answered with a look of excitement, “I give you my word.” 

Mike went on to tell me a story about how he had struggled early on in his sales career.  At what appeared to be a recent string of bad luck, his leads had gone dry and his relationship with his boss was deteriorating which had put additional pressure on his family life.  Confused about how to turn things around, he decided to drive up to Memphis, Tennessee to attend a sales conference.  That is where he first learned about the three keys to success.

After hearing the three keys, he thought to himself how simple they sounded.  As many people before him did, he had his doubts, but what did he have to lose?  He not only made the commitment to himself, but also asked his boss and his wife to help hold him accountable.  For the next 365 days, he was going to do these three little things.  They of course agreed to help him.

Little did he know, these three things would prove to be one of the most difficult for him to follow through on with the most difficult part being the first couple of weeks.  However, he stuck with it and after a month had passed, he began to notice big changes in his luck.

He was attending more sales calls and began closing more deals.  His relationships with his boss began to improve as he began bringing in more new business.  His paychecks kept getting bigger every month.  His attitude and outlook on life had changed in addition to his relationship with his wife.  Life just seemed easier and after the year had passed the results were truly amazing.  Mike had not only become wildly successful within his company, but he had also doubled the amount of money he made in one year’s time.

The Three Keys to Success, in theory, are really quite simple.  They all deal with developing daily routines which put you in a mindset to become the best at what you do.  Throughout my career, I have made it a habit to constantly ask questions and network with successful sales professionals.  What I have learned is numerous successful people are following these principles without even knowing it.  Maybe they were presented in a different way or they came across them by happenstance.  However they came to implement these principles, the point is they work.

The first key to success is to wake up every morning and spend 20-30 minutes reading a motivational book.  For most of us, this will be the most difficult to implement because waking up 30 minutes earlier cuts into our precious sleep time.  Even though this is outside our job description as a sales professionals or consultant, it is imperative that you spend the time and incorporate this into your daily routine.  It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  So the question becomes is it worth an extra 30 minutes of my day to be wildly successful?

Closely relating to the first, the second key to success is to spend the countless hours in the car driving to sales appointments and meetings listening to motivational sales books on tape.  With the technology available today, this can most easily be accomplished by utilizing a mobile device.  Whether you use an iPhone or Android, the fact is thousands of audio books are available for purchase in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.  There are even several apps available which give you access to these audio books without having to purchase them.  My favorite is Audible.

These two exercises are arguably the most important because it puts you in a mindset to be successful.  You are thinking about how to be your best, how to deal with rejection, how to put the customer first, and not worrying about anything else in your life.  You are listening to every word of some of the most successful authors and motivational speakers over and over until you begin to think like them.

The authors of the books you read become your mentors without you ever even knowing it.  The fact that you might not have met them is irrelevant.  When an author writes a book, she pores her heart and soul into every word.  You are capturing the best advice from the author every time you read or listen to their book.  It is much like a personal training session with your personal trainer in the gym.  A personal trainer helps you achieve your strength and conditioning goals.  Your time with the author is like having a personal sales coach guiding you to success.  The results are simply amazing.    

The third key to success is to become an expert within your industry.  This means subscribing to newsletters, magazines, or periodicals and attending organizational meetings that are relevant to your particular industry.  You need to learn the language and everything possible about your new industry, so that you can ultimately become an expert. 

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