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Chasepedia Becoming An Expert

One of the most important steps in the sales process is becoming an expert within your own product offering.  Knowing how your products or services will help solve your customer’s problems is crucial to your overall success as a sales professional.  This might seem rather basic, but you would be amazed at how often this step gets overlooked. 

Most world class sales organizations put new hires through an in-depth sales training program.  This not only teaches you about selling, but also has a serious concentration on learning the products or services, processes, and uniqueness of your company. 

You will spend a considerable amount of time with various people inside your organization, often starting out on the production side of the business.  This means if you are going to be selling a service then you will start off in the plant or on a service truck.  If you are selling products, then you might start off in a manufacturing facility or warehouse. 

This is an important time for you to learn what it is that your company does so well.  The goal is to act like a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as possible during this limited time of learning.  This means learning the competitive advantages of your products or services as well as getting to know the operations partners who you will be leaning on later down the road to deliver results. 

Traditionally sales professionals are not known to get caught up in the business and operations side of the business.  However, as the times are changing, so are the qualities sought after by the best sales organizations.  If you want to be a top sales professional, then your rise will be dependent upon your understanding of how your operation makes money. 

If you are constantly selling bad business and expecting your operations team to work miracles then you are doomed to fail.  No one wants to be thrown under the bus.  Traditionally there is a gap between sales and operations.  However, the most successful companies are bridging this gap by collaboration.  This means you will have to pay especially close attention during this part of your training, so that you understand what kind of business represents good, profitable business for your organization. 

After spending time with the operations team, you will most likely spend several weeks with your new team learning the sales process utilized by your organization.  Classroom training will be combined with multiple field rides with other sales professionals.  Again, this is a time for learning and asking questions.  These people have already been in your shoes and have most likely figured out how to be successful.  Absorb as much information as possible. 

You will not be responsible for selling yet during the learning process.  However, once your comfort level begins to increase you will want to start participating more and more during sales calls.  As unique as every call is, you will begin to notice similarities with your customers and prospects. 

At some point you will hear a question and it will be all you can do to not answer, because the exact question was covered in some portion of your training.  You will look over at your counterpart with anticipation and excitement as you are beginning to figure out the sales process.  Remember this feeling as it will be a driving force for your success down the road.

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