Strategic Digital Marketing Through Social Media: The Power of Instagram

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One of the largest areas for your Brand or Business to grow is through non-traditional avenues like Instagram. With 150-million users, it’s literally an untapped marketplace which only allows certain brands to advertise in a traditional sense. 

In order for your brand to accomplish marketing on Instagram in non-traditional ways, you first have to ramp up your following.  Ideally you need a minimum of 65k-75k followers for this to be successful which will take at a very minimum several months to achieve.

Growing your Instagram following is done by increasing your Level of Engagement. The most common ways to increase your engagement level is by liking photos, commenting on photos, and following other users.  Otherwise, unless your name happens to be Dan Bilzarian or Katy Perry, users will never be exposed to your profile. 

Instagram puts daily limits on the amount of likes, comments, follows, and even unfollows you can perform in a twenty-four hour period.  There is no set number, as our Instagram has a high ceiling vs a newer account might be much lower.  We believe Instagram does this to make it difficult for brands or individuals to grow quickly. Thus forcing account owners to visit daily and to have consistent levels of activity. 

Chasepedia has developed a proven process which enables us to maximize these limits on a daily basis.  Using this method, we can grow an account by several hundred followers per day, which is greater than any other program we have scene for gaining “REAL” followers.

Another strategy we employ for our clients is by having other “popular” accounts shout out your account.  It sounds gimmicky but the results are amazing. We start by identifying five of the mega accounts within a particular category (mega accounts have 100k+ followers) and begin paying them to shout out your account. Normally we will retain a mega account for 7 days at a time, but it varies.  A vast majority of the mega accounts are run by high school students, so we are extra careful.

Below is an example shout out we did for a client in the outdoor industry, and then the results for the increase in followers for the account receiving the shout.  The 628 followers were gained in one day utilizing both of the above strategies combined. 

This means if we are extremely aggressive in growth strategies, then we can realistically have a client to the 65k mark in 90-120 days. The budget for growing through engagement activity and shout outs is usually around $1000-$1500 per month.            

As we are growing a brand’s Instagram, the account is managed by Chasepedia.  We utilize our proven process to maximize the engagement activity while also posting content.  A client can still be logged into the account as a user but will NOT be able to comment, like, or follow users, because it can potentially cause us to exceed the daily limits of the account. 

Our typical recommendation for beginning a new campaign will have us posting 3-5 pictures on your account per week.  The majority of our time needs to be focused on maximizing the engagement activity and facilitating the shout outs.  Once we achieve the 65k mark for a client, then posting more content will become necessary to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

One of the biggest obstacles when beginning a new campaign is generating content (ie pictures to post).  We will normally rely on a client’s help over the first month gathering pictures related to their business.  The 80-20 rule applies, meaning 80% non-advertising content combined with 20% content directly related to the brand.  After we get the account growing, then followers will start overwhelming the account with content, request for shout outs and mentions.  This is good because at that point “finding” great content becomes much easier.

If you would like more information about how to grow your Brand through non-traditional channels like Instagram, then feel free to connect with our Founder, Chase Carlisle.  Chase has traveled all over the world consulting for various high-profile clients and helping them produce record breaking sales. His email is (

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