Can You Super Size My Instagram?

The Key to Growing on Instagram is Maximizing your Engagement.

Engagement happens every time you like a photo, comment on a photo, or follow a new user. Aside from having a popular account shout out your account, this is one of the best ways to get your profile in front of users who do not currently follow you.

Just think about it for a moment. If someone comments on one of your photos, then an alert pops across your phone. You immediately look down, and statistics tell us that 85% of the time you will click on that alert and scrutinize every word. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Well here is where it really starts to get interesting.

If you recognize the username, then one of two things almost always happens:

1.    You immediately respond to the comment and then continue what you were previously doing OR 

2.    You ignore the comment and continue what you were previously doing

However, if you do not recognize the username then research tells us over 90% of users will click on that profile to investigate who just commented on their picture. It is part of our human nature to be inquisitive creatures, and I find this very thought-provoking... 

Engagement is the Key to Growth

Instagram admittedly understands the data, because they have capped the amount of activity you can perform on a daily basis. Although there are variations to these metrics, the vast majority of accounts can:  

·     Like up to 1000 photos

·     Follow 250 new users

·     Comment on 500 photos

Where does content come into play?

When growing your Instagram, the biggest hurdle to overcome is getting your profile in front of other users. Whereas Facebook's platform is designed to create sensational growth around a single post, Instagram is more about your body of work from the very beginning. In fact, I often argue that content does not matter in the grand scheme of things on Instagram. It matters to a certain degree, but it is no where near as important as exposure and engagement.

To illustrate my point, I have highlighted two accounts which have amazing and original content. By viewing their pictures, one would assume they have a Dan Bilzerian sized following. Take a look for yourself...

A photo posted by David Ferguson (@dkferg) on

David Ferguson: I travel nationwide to film and produce short hunting and fishing videos as a hobby- check out "D. Ferg Outdoors" on YouTube or follow on Facebook!

A photo posted by Max Ellis (@junkyardmax) on

Max Ellis: The Stag Whisperer from SW London. All photos by Max Ellis. Over 250 Instagram group awards. Prints available. 

Both of these photographers have had sensational post over the last year. For example, last Halloween Max Ellis had a picture of a squirrel holding a pumpkin receive over 100,000 likes, and David Ferguson's pictures are some of the most shared images in the hunting and outdoors category. Yet neither of these guys have a substantial following (Max Ellis has approximately 7500 followers and David Ferguson has about 1500).  

How is this possible when both photographers have amazing content?

Both photographers have great content and greater than average exposure within their respective categories.  However neither of them have focused on ENGAGEMENT. Engagement is the driving force behind mega-accounts that have 100,000 to over 1-million followers. It is the end all be all for growth. Without engagement, you will never be able to develop a huge following. 

So how can Chasepedia super size my Instagram? 

Chasepedia has developed a proven process which enables us to maximize growth and engagement on your page. We work with Professional Athletes, Models, Brands and Businesses growing their Instagram profiles and can utilize this same process for your brand's profile. Think of Chasepedia as your Instagram Quarterback throwing touchdown passes, while you are the coach calling the plays on the field... 

What are other techniques can you use to increase your Instagram following? 

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