One of the largest areas for your local Birmingham business to grow is through Instagram. With 200,000 daily users logging in an average of 8 times per day, it's literally an untapped marketplace.

In fact, for young millennials (aged 18-24), 5 out of every 10 minutes on their cell phone is spent browsing either Facebook or Instagram.

For almost two years, Birmingham based Chasepedia has been the leader in non-traditional growth and marketing strategies on Instagram for brands, professional athletes, and individuals. Additionally, for the last 6 months we have been testing the new Instagram advertising platform before it was released to the public. Starting this month, advertising is being unveiled to the masses. So buckle up your seat belt and get excited! 


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The key to marketing your brand on Instagram is partnering with a company that understands the platform better than anyone else. Our founder Chase Carlisle, a native of Hoover, bet the farm on Instagram and is now regarded as one of the leading experts on the subject. Northwestern University called him a leading Instagram marketing expert while Quora awarded him the Top Writer in Social Media and Instagram world-wide in 2015.    

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